Young Entrepreneur Ben Sann Helps Drivers Find the Nearest and Cheapest Parking Spaces

Ben Sann was a high school junior when he came up with the idea for the business he runs today. At the time, he was watching a Seinfeld episode wherein character George Costanza impatiently scours the streets of New York City for a free parking space. In 2007, armed with parking data he collected on his bike and $50,000 from personal savings and a loan from his dad, Sann launched The website posted the locations, rates, and deals of parking garages around the city, helping drivers find the best parking spots.

With the addition of more cities in 2009, became Today, the service is available in 64 cities and 80 airports across America. Every month, 350,000 motorists access and its mobile apps to check out the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates at more than 10,000 parking facilities. Last year, the company earned revenues of over $500,000. Sann attributes their growth to the accuracy of their data and relationships with parking operators.


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