LiveMinutes’ Alex Dufetel: Failing is Part of Entrepreneurship

UX aficionado Alex Dufetel is the co-founder of LiveMinutes, a free conferencing service that makes meetings memorable. LiveMinutes not only allows teams to hold online meetings, but also share and annotate documents and collaborate on notes and sketches in real time. Dufetel is in charge of the service’s user interface design, which he breathes, eats, and sleeps.

Initially, the LiveMinutes team wanted to create online, real-time tools for teaching, but realized that they could come up with a better solution to the bigger problem of daily meetings, something that they’re all familiar with. When meeting with teammates or clients over the phone or Skype, they would discuss documents and look at different versions of files, consequently wasting time, becoming inefficient, and losing track of decisions made. Thus, Dufetel and company decided to build LiveMinutes instead.

LiveMinutes, which has received praise from various organizations and users, underwent many iterations to arrive at its current version and will see more changes soon. As Dufetel put it, “Entrepreneurship is about taking risks and trying stuff, and this means you’re sometimes going to fail.”


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