Ashley Cotter-Cairns, Peddling Fun Times on the Internet

Ashley Cotter-Cairns left school in 1989 to join the print media industry. When the Internet came along, he focused on making money online, trading full-time on eBay and writing for online publications. In 2005, he set up a few niche websites, earning money from online advertising and affiliates. Today, Cotter-Cairns owns a number of niche online businesses, including Python Printable Games, where customers can download and print their own party games.

The idea for Python Printable Games was suggested by a friend, who was not impressed by a competitor’s games and felt that Cotter-Cairns could do better. Cotter-Cairns and his wife make many of the games themselves, though they also have a team of freelance writers and designers to help them out. Python Printable Games offers games for several occasions, including baby showers, birthday parties, Christmas, and Halloween.

Cotter-Cairns has been self-employed since 1996, when he quit his last “real” job. According to him, the entrepreneurial journey has been rarely easy but really fun.


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