Josh Weiss, Founder of Bluegala

Josh Weiss caught the entrepreneurial bug at the young age of 15. It all began when he went to the Yankee Stadium and got an Andy Pettitte bobblehead as a giveaway prize. He put the doll up on eBay and sold it for $100. At the following bobblehead giveaway, Weiss brought a friend and they bought 50 dolls from people in the stadium for $10 each. They sold the bobbleheads for an average price of $50 apiece, and from then on, Weiss was hooked.

In 2008, Weiss lost his job at Lehman Brothers when the firm went bankrupt. As he was looking for new work, his sister was searching for a prom dress. He noticed that the website she was browsing looked very outdated. Upon checking other prom dress sites, Weiss saw that there were only a few reliable vendors online. Spotting an opportunity, he founded Bluegala.

With a mission to make the latest trends and most fashionable clothing available to girls and women everywhere, Bluegala offers a wide assortment of prom dresses, evening gowns, and formal dresses for virtually all occasions. Aside from prom, Bluegala has dresses for graduation, homecoming, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and weddings – the Long Island company even offers dresses for the mother of the bride.

Bluegala prides itself on providing fast, personal, and courteous service. Customers who call the company do not have to navigate their way around automated menus; the phones are manned by live people who are ready to assist them. “We take customer service to the next level in a way that our competitors do not,” Weiss says. “Our product specialists will help girls find their dream prom dress and we will not stop until our customers are 100 percent satisfied.”

Weiss admits he didn’t expect competitors to pop up as quickly as they do. It’s a constant challenge to stay ahead of the pack and adapt to new trends, but being an entrepreneur has given him an increased sense of accomplishment and pride in his work that he never felt when he was working for someone else.


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