Noa Santos: Committed to Providing Affordable and Accessible Interior Design

Manhattan-based designer Noa Santos is disrupting the interior design industry. His company, HomePolish, is making interior design available to everyone. Raised in Hawaii, Santos graduated from Stanford University and later moved to New York City, where he landed a job at a high-end residential interior design firm. There, he learned about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, as well as the ins and outs of the business. The interior design industry typically conceals the details of furniture prices and purchases; however, Santos felt that it was time to shift towards transparency. At HomePolish, purchases are documented, receipts are shared, and designers scour for great deals on behalf of clients.

To make interior design accessible to all, Santos and co-founder Will Nathan have recruited 25 top young designers from the best firms, including Jonathan Adler, Nicole Fuller, and Banks Design. The HomePolish process is simple and affordable – an initial hour-long consultation costs only $50, and packages start at $500. Because HomePolish does away with hidden fees and markups, clients can rest assured they won’t get any unpleasant surprises. Additionally, HomePolish designers work to create spaces that reflect each client’s personal style.

Though HomePolish initially attracted clients with relatively limited budgets, the firm has since worked on 6-figure projects and 9,000-square-foot startup offices as well. Launched with less than $2,000 and bootstrapped by Santos and Nathan, HomePolish has been featured in media outlets such as HGTV, New York Magazine, Rue Magazine, Small Room Decorating, NBC, and more.

For Santos, contributing to the happiness of his clients by helping them realize that they can afford the home they want is the most rewarding aspect of running HomePolish. He makes sure to stay in touch with his clients, especially those who need “a little extra hand-holding”. Santos’s talent for creating timeless interiors has led him to be featured on am New York, the New York Observer, and Casa Sugar, among others.


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