The Best Friends Behind Hosiery Delivery Service Hoseanna

BFFs since high school and business partners since 2010, Katrina Carroll-Foster and Tracy Solomon are the founders of online legwear delivery service Hoseanna. As former time-starved corporate execs, the pair realized that like them, many women were too busy to shop for the fun stuff, let alone the basics, and that most would rather be doing something else than shopping for pantyhose. “There are gorgeous websites out there selling luxury products to time-pressed women. What about the everyday stuff?” Carroll-Foster and Solomon ask.

So in 2011, the best friends launched Hoseanna to save women from dreaded last-minute trips to the store where their favorite brand or style of hosiery might be out of stock again. And just because they’re selling commodities doesn’t mean the experience has to be boring – Solomon and Carroll-Foster spend hours curating their collection to include the top-rated and bestselling items from trusted brands such as Hanes, DKNY, and L’Eggs.


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