Off-Leash K9 Training: Police/Military Obedience for Regular Dogs

Former US Marine and US Secret Service Nick White loves training dogs. Having trained with some of the best dog trainers in the world, he began training dogs for free for friends and family, and soon their friends and neighbors wanted to work with him as well. Knowing that the key to being happy and successful is to make money doing what you love, White founded Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC in 2009. Based in Northern Virginia, the company currently has nine locations across the United Sates. The highest rated dog training business in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, Off-Leash K9 Training counts UFC world champion Jon “Bones” Jones, world champion boxer Roy Jones, Jr., professional wrestler Iron Sheik, and musician Bret Michaels among its clients.

Off-Leash K9 Training specializes in private lessons, dog behavior consultations, and helping owners understand why their dogs do the things they do. Dogs who enroll at Off-Leash K9 Training are given military/police precision obedience, transforming them from unruly to completely obedient and off-leash. White recommends that owners who have dogs with obedience issues seek professional guidance as soon as possible, as their pets will not “grow out of it” or “fix itself.” “On a daily basis, we talk to owners who have been dealing with issues with their dog(s) for months and even years, when it was a problem we were able to easily correct within just a couple sessions!”

When it comes to expanding a business, White has learned that growing slowly is the best way to go. Expansion comes with unexpected issues and kinks, he says, so it’s important to expand one location at a time. Aside from running Off-Leash K9 Training, White serves on the board of the Prince William County Humane Society and regularly appears on ABC’s The Pet Show With Dr. Katy Nelson as a consultant.


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