How RetailMeNot Became the Biggest Coupon Website in the World

Australian entrepreneurs Guy King and Bevan Clark are the co-founders of popular coupon site RetailMeNot. When they started RetailMeNot in late 2006, their goal was to build the best deal website, not the most profitable. While most businesses in the online coupon sector focus only on offering deals that earn affiliate revenue, RetailMeNot put the consumer’s best interests first and money second. King and Clark’s strategy worked, and RetailMeNot quickly grew into the biggest coupon site in the world.

As King explained, “Our success from a large part has come down to being useful to as many people as possible, and the revenues will follow. I think people should invest their energy in being useful.”

In 2009, King and Bevan sold RetailMeNot to WhaleShark Media, Inc., which was later renamed to RetailMeNot, Inc. The company’s portfolio of coupon and deal websites include in the US, in the UK, in Germany, in France, and more.


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