Len Saunders: Keeping Kids Fit for 25 Years and Counting

For the past 25 years, award-winning author and motivational speaker Len Saunders has been inspiring kids and their parents to lead a healthy lifestyle. A recognized leader in the field of children’s health, fitness, and wellness, Saunders has received several accolades for his efforts to reduce childhood obesity. He is best known for being the creator of Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously), a program he started in 1989 to motivate kids to exercise. Today, Project ACES continues to get children from more than 50 countries to exercise in unison during the first Wednesday of May.

Saunders earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and later obtained his master’s degree in exercise physiology from Montclair State University in New Jersey. He says his passion for eliminating childhood obesity comes from his own childhood; growing up, Saunders had many positive role models who encouraged him to be the very best he could be. Leading the fight against childhood obesity and getting kids excited about exercise is his way of paying it forward.


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