Gary Shorter: The Entrepreneur Behind the Trans4mer All-in-One Exercise Device

After selling his family’s home of 18 years, serial entrepreneur Gary Shorter moved his family to a smaller and more affordable apartment. Already suffering from lower back sciatica, he injured his back while moving and had to undergo surgery. To regain his strength and balance, Shorter used exercise balls, kettle bells, and medicine balls, all of which did the job without the usual pain associated with exercise. Shorter wanted to continue his physical therapy in the comfort of his own home but the sheer number of balls and bells required was too inconvenient and expensive. Thus, he put his engineering skills to work and came up with several configurations and combinations for an all-in-one exercise device. Shorter’s chiropractor, physical therapist, and back surgeon all gave his idea their stamp of approval, and the Trans4mer was born.

Featuring four different configurations, the Trans4mer is a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to medicine balls, kettle bells, exercise balls, dumb bells, and other athletic equipment. Shorter believes that staying healthy should not be painful, stressful, or costly, and the Trans4mer delivers the benefits of 20 exercise devices in one easy-to-use system.


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