Dr. Kathy Gruver, Helping People See the Mind-Body Connection

er-gruverAuthor of the award-winning book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, Dr. Kathy Gruver first became interested in mind-body medicine when she was practicing massage therapy. She began to see the connection between the way her clients talked about themselves and their illness, and with the stress-related diseases on the rise, she wanted to learn more so she could help people handle their stress better. Dr. Gruver has run her private massage and natural health practice in California since 1995, helping individuals recover from stress and injuries.

Last year, Dr. Gruver won the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award in Health, Fitness, and Beauty. As a business owner and mind-body medicine expert, Dr. Gruver knows firsthand how stressful it can be to start a business. “Especially women, we have now been told we can do it all, and we just can’t… Learning to ask for help when we need it is key to keeping our stress response under control,” she says.



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