Jason Mason, Snowboarder Turned Entrepreneur

er-masonAvid snowboarder Jason Mason wasn’t a fan of the usual snowboarding pants – the colors were too loud, the patterns were too crazy, and the pockets were too many. But he couldn’t wear his favorite denim jeans, because they’d get wet if he fell. And while there were mock denim outerwear options available, they just didn’t cut it for him. Thus, in 2011, he decided to make denim snowboarding pants he would want to wear and started Mason Industries.

After finding a sewing machine in a dumpster in his building, Mason spent the next two years building his business. He did some research on the web and started a business plan using an online app, but soon realized he would need more professional assistance, so he attended a seminar by market research analyst Mark Eversfield. He also approached business plan advisor Rab Kooner, who helped him polish his business plan.

In early 2013, Mason finally launched the Classic Rock Pants, water-resistant denim pants that are “high tech on the inside, low tech on the outside.” Though they appear to be regular street wear jeans, the Classic Rock Pants are lined with nylon, mesh, and fleece inside to provide maximum warmth, mobility, and dryness. Aside from snowboarding, the breathable and stretchable pants are suitable for other action sports such as surfing, skating, and biking.

“If I wasn’t adding anything new, short of revolutionary, then I had no business making outerwear. We make the best outerwear in the world for action sports,” says Mason.

The Classic Rock Pants have already gained famous fans such as snowboarders Jeff Muirhead and Wes Makepeace. Additionally, Mason has appeared in Business in Vancouver magazine and on CTV’s Steele on Your Side.

On being an entrepreneur, Mason says, “It takes a willingness to live the way most people won’t, for the opportunity to live the way most people can’t.”


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