Meet Women’s Business Success Coach Heather Picken

Dedicated to furthering women’s causes in business and in life, Heather Picken is a money, marketing, and mindset coach for women entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who would like to grow their business and increase their income. Picken’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked from a very young age after she grew up watching her father run his own successful business. “I loved the idea of creating something from nothing and being able to have the freedom to do what I want when I want,” she says.

But like many, her success did not come overnight. For years, Picken found herself stuck at a particular income level. She was only able to break through and turn her business around after hiring a mentor. Since then, she has made it her mission to show women that they can also be successful once they have a system in place and accountability to achieve their goals. Through her programs, Picken has helped women all over the world attract their ideal clients and break through their limiting beliefs around money.

“I realized that most traditional business programs fail to address how the subconscious mind works in keeping entrepreneurs stuck from taking action, making the money they desire, and feeling stressed out and worried,” says Picken. Hence, she created programs that tackle these issues, which she has personally struggled with in the past. Picken adds that clients have had great results after applying her easy-to-learn system, from increasing their monthly income tenfold to making $10,000 in six weeks.

In addition to running her coaching business, Picken hosts her own weekly radio show and has appeared as a guest on several radio shows. A certified hypnotherapist and bestselling author as well, she is currently in the process of launching The Hypnosis Center for Change and writing her second book about creating your own destiny.


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