Barbora Nevosadova Makes Planning Trips Easier

Travel and online marketing enthusiast Barbora Nevosadova is the co-founder of Tripomatic, a trip planning tool, and WhichAirline, a visual search engine for low-cost airlines. Nevosadova is currently focused on Tripomatic, which she started because there was no online tool to help travelers plan their adventures. “My husband and I were planning a trip to Switzerland and the planning took just too long,” she says. “At first, I was excited to plan this trip, but after a while it was just a boring chore I had to do.” When Nevosadova couldn’t find anything that would make her job easier, she and her husband decided to create that product themselves.

Tripomatic is for the independent traveler who doesn’t want to rely on a travel agency. Available on the web and mobile for free, it allows users to create personalized travel guides. Tripomatic earns a commission whenever users book travel-related services through the Tripomatic site or app.


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