Diana Isac: A Passion for Wine Travel and Clean Water

Based in London in the UK, Winerist is an online travel guide and booking service dedicated to delivering the best travel experiences to wine enthusiasts around the world. The website aims to give wine lovers the opportunity to handpick their stay in any wine region and not be limited to rushed wine tours. Winerist was co-founded by Diana Isac, who also leads the company as CEO. The idea for the service was born in 2010 after Isac and some friends went on a road trip covering five wine regions. Without a one-stop resource to help them research and book wine hotels, wine tours, and wineries, they had to spend weeks on several different websites and on the phone to plan their trip. Isac and her business partner, Tatiana Livesey, decided that it was time to make wine travel simple and launched Winerist a year later.

Since its inception, Winerist has developed into a wine travel encyclopedia, telling wine enthusiasts everything they need to know before they arrive at their destination and what to experience once they get there. Unlike tour operators, Winerist steers clear of exhausting packaged holidays and focuses on offering independent and authentic advice based on partnerships with local experts, connoisseurs, wine guides, and a community of wine lovers.

Isac is also the founder of 2Water, a non-profit organization that brings water projects in developing countries through wine tastings and events. Though she describes herself as a “wine nerd,” she is also passionate about providing clean water to people in need. “Not a day goes by without me appreciating a shower, free sanitation, and fresh drinking water out of a running tap,” says Isac. “It’s a luxury which more than 1 billion people in the world cannot and will not afford for many decades to come.”

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Isac worked in the financial industry before starting Winerist.


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