The Bouqs: Disrupting the Online Floral Delivery Industry

John Tabis is the founder and chief executive officer of The Bouqs, an online flower delivery startup that aims to make the process of ordering blooms online easy and fun.

“For something that is supposed to be a special occasion, the flower purchasing process can be frustrating and complex,” says Tabis. Few people would disagree with him. Unfortunately, hidden fees, an overwhelming selection, and wilting blossoms are not uncommon in the floral industry. But this is where The Bouqs comes in.

To simplify the process, The Bouqs offers a reasonable 40 designs for a flat rate of $40 per bouquet, shipping included. It takes only three clicks to check out, and customers can rest assured that their flowers will be fresh on arrival. That’s because the blooms are cut only after they’ve been purchased and are delivered straight from the farm, not a warehouse. The farm, by the way, is located right next to an active volcano in Ecuador. With mineral-rich soil and abundant sunshine, flowers grow bigger and brighter.

The Bouqs had just recently secured $1.1 million in funding from investors. Prior to that, Tabis and his co-founder JP Montufar bootstrapped the operation themselves. “We were doing a great job bootstrapping the company, but what we saw was that we had a lot of potential to be big,” says Tabis. “We could get there by continuing to bootstrap, but it would take us a long time and it would give our competition more time to react to us.” He adds that the money will go towards expanding The Bouqs team, investing in better technology, and marketing.

Before founding The Bouqs, Tabis worked in strategy consulting at Bain & Company, then in marketing strategy for brands such as Marvel, Disney, and ESPN. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.


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