Kael Robinson Encourages Us to Think About Fashion in a New Way

Kael Robinson is the founder and chief executive officer of Live Worldly, a global fashion marketplace with an emphasis on giving back. A public relations and communications graduate of the University of Denver, she created Live Worldly in 2008 to unite her enthusiasm for fashion, travel, and helping others. The company was started after a family trip to Argentina, where Robinson discovered Brazilian wish bracelets. The 200-year-old tradition involves wrapping a bracelet around your wrist, tying three knots, and making three wishes. It is believed that one’s wishes will come true when the bracelet falls off. Robinson called her version of the Brazilian wish bracelet Brazilets, and they turned out to be a hit. In 2010, she expanded her offerings to include products from other parts of the world. Today, Live Worldly carries items from 15 countries, including Argentina, Kenya, Thailand, India, and the US.

Live Worldly believes that fashion is more than just about looking good. It’s a way to embrace unfamiliar cultures and make a positive difference in the lives of others and enhance our own at the same time. Thus, Live Worldly donates a portion of the proceeds from each product to a non-profit organization in the item’s country of origin. The company teams up with non-profits that are addressing each nation’s most urgent or important need such as education, sustainability, and clean water. Current partners include The Green Belt Movement, African Children’s Choir, World Vision, The Nature Conservancy, Plant a Billion Trees, and Maloto.

As the founder of Live Worldly, Robinson has done everything to get the company off the ground and keep it up and running, from tying tags to thousands of bracelets for hours at a time to traveling around the world to source new products. Nowadays, she is focused on finding unique goods, refining the Live Worldly brand, and establishing strategic partnerships with retailers, vendors, and non-profits.


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