Beth Trejo: Starting a Social Media Agency in an Agricultural State

Beth Trejo is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Chatterkick, a social media and online marketing agency based in Sioux City, Iowa. Trejo “lives and breathes all things online” and comes from a public relations background. Prior to starting Chatterkick, she worked in marketing and social media for the America Red Cross’ advanced public affairs team and the local chamber of commerce, among others. During her tenure at the Sioux City chamber of commerce, she was responsible for helping businesses solve their marketing problems and realized that she was one of the few people in town who had that expertise, so she decided to set out on her own.

Chatterkick ensures that the brand and culture of a business are aligned by promoting and monitoring its online presence. Some of the agency’s services include social media training and management, mobile app development, reputation management, public speaking, online solutions, graphic design, and influencer marketing.

Starting a social media company in Sioux City, where the major industries are agricultural and food manufacturing, may seem daunting to many. But Trejo actually sees this as an advantage. “I think it almost works better for businesses when there isn’t as much of a saturation, because 1) they don’t have as much competition and 2) in Iowa it really does come down to those traditions where business deals are made over a handshake,” she says.

And despite the fact that Iowa was ranked the worst state for female-owned businesses in a recent study by American Express Open, Trejo doesn’t sense that issue. A lot of her friends are also female business owners, and she personally received a tremendous amount of support when she started Chatterkick. Trejo believes that women entrepreneurs just need encouragement and the knowledge that there are options and programs available to them.


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