Tiffany London, the Mompreneur Behind One of the UK’s Most Successful Maternity Wear Brands

er-tiffanyroseTiffany London is the founder and creative director of Tiffany Rose, a special occasion maternity wear company based in Surrey, United Kingdom. Launched in 2003, Tiffany Rose has grown from a kitchen table operation to a multi-million pound business and is now one of the most successful maternity wear brands in the UK. Tiffany Rose offers pregnant women in over 80 countries beautiful, elegant, and high-quality maternity styles for special occasions. The brand’s designs are inspired by icons of the ’50s and ’60s, allowing women to feel glamorous and confident during their pregnancy. In April of 2013, Tiffany Rose was named a winner of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise and International Trade, the highest business accolade in the UK, in recognition of the company’s 137 percent growth in international sales over the last three years.

Prior to founding Tiffany Rose, London had entertained the idea of running her own business for a long time. It wasn’t until her pregnant sister told her she had nothing to wear for a wedding that she thought about starting a special occasion maternity wear brand. London founded Tiffany Rose with less than £1,000 capital and “humble expectations.” She was also rearing young children at the time, and according to her, “Finding a minute to start making phone calls and sorting things out was a challenge in itself.”

With the support of her husband, London worked between 7 pm and midnight after the kids went to bed. She says things are easier now that the children are at school. Still, being a working mom isn’t simple, but it is full of rewards.

London’s advice to startup business owners is to stay humble, honest, open, and to not be afraid to ask for help. Success should also never be taken for granted. “We are always finding new ways to improve, and are always open to new avenues and ways of conducting the business,” she says. “Challenges will come along – and solutions have to be devised.”


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