Ava Taylor: The Yogi’s Business Strategist

Ava Taylor is the founder of YAMA Talent, the world’s first management company, consulting firm, and booking agency serving yoga teachers and businesses. YAMA Talent helps yoga teachers do what they do best by managing the details of their business, from developing a brand identity to organizing tours to managing their online presence. YAMA Talent creates, secures, and maintains opportunities and relationships for its clients in both the traditional and non-traditional yoga spaces, which include workshops, lectures, immersions, festivals, teacher training, retreats, mass media, product endorsements, and modeling. Aside from individual teachers, the company provides customized strategy for yoga studios and brands.

An avid yogi and creative entrepreneur, Taylor left a cushy job at Lululemon and moved to New York to start YAMA Talent after learning that almost all yoga teachers had no representation. While at Lululemon, part of Taylor’s job was to find out what made yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and the like tick. She noticed that several well-known teachers were struggling to make ends meet and realized that, being the artistic type, they needed someone to assist them in managing their business so they could focus on being the best teacher. According to Taylor, that was when she had her light bulb moment.

Today, YAMA Talent represents nearly 40 yoga teachers, including Sara Ivanhoe, Isauro Fernandez, Sadie Nardini, James Bae, and Dina Amsterdam. Over the years, Taylor has become the go-to strategist for yoga teachers, studios, and brands that wish to be relevant in the industry. Not one to rest on her laurels, she plans to grow YAMA Talent into the Creative Artist Agency (one of Hollywood’s leading talent agencies) of the mind/body world, representing clients in various wellness modalities and with offices around the globe. Currently, Taylor and her team are building the world’s first digital yoga network.


One thought on “Ava Taylor: The Yogi’s Business Strategist

  1. Such a lovely and succinct way of describing what we do at YAMA Talent, and what gave Ava Taylor her “light bulb moment”–thanks for the mention, Entrepreneur Reviewer!

    The digital yoga you mentioned is now LIVE, and YAMA has their own channel, too: http://www.youtube.com/user/YAMAYogaTalent.

    Expect more inspiring clips that touch on cultivating entrepreneurial spirit to follow!

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