Katie Wallace, Co-Founder of Yummi Pouch Reusable Food Pouches

Katie Wallace is the co-founder of Yummi Pouch, a startup that encourages healthy snacking for active kids with its reusable food pouches. BPA and phthalate-free, Yummi Pouches are perfect for filling up with blended snacks and smoothies prepared in batches and to be consumed on the go, with no spoon required. Katie and her husband, Andy, created Yummi Pouches to help moms and dads provide their children with good nutrition while making the feeding process simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

According to Katie, creating Yummi Pouch was a natural step for them to take after having their daughter in 2012. Despite the popularity of baby food pouches, the Wallaces noticed that there were little reusable options for parents who wanted an eco-friendly container and the ability to decide which ingredients went into a pouch. So in January of 2013, after months of research and looking for a manufacturer, they launched Yummi Pouch.

As a mother and entrepreneur, Katie’s biggest challenge is establishing her work-life balance. She says she enjoys playing both roles and doing so has helped her become a more efficient, strategic thinker. “I spend a lot of time with our daughter during the day and get a lot done while she sleeps. My husband and I regularly establish a list of objectives to complete.”

Since its launch, Yummi Pouch has grown exponentially each month and has expanded its product line to include stickers, food cutters, pouch covers, and more. This year, Yummi Pouch won the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award in the Bottles and Drinking Containers category, beating out nine other finalists that included Innobaby, Yoomi, and Life Factory. Yummi Pouch has been featured on the Hallmark Channel, The Giggle Guide, Celebrity Baby Scoop, and ABC 4 Utah, among others.

“The key to success is to not go off on tangents,” says Katie.


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