Scott Coppersmith Saves Trash and Turns It Into Beautiful Home Accents

Scott Coppersmith is the owner of Scott Coppersmith Designs (SCD), a modern home furnishings design and building company that specializes in beautiful, urban, and eco-friendly home décor and furniture. Based in Ventura, California, Coppersmith has nearly 20 years of experience designing and constructing furniture and makes all the pieces at SCD by hand himself.

The majority of SCD lights and furniture are upcycled from reclaimed wood and construction trash, which Coppersmith obtains from “all over,” including dumpsters, salvage yards, construction sites, and friends. Coppersmith typically creates each design as he goes along, with a vision of the finished product in his head before it’s completed.

Scott Coppersmith Designs is committed to providing quality home accents and creating eco-friendly products and jobs by turning something old into something new. According to Coppersmith, his “green, efficient, and tireless” approach has enabled him to save at least 100 yards of materials from being discarded in the last year alone.


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