Blake Eastman Teaches Poker Players How to Improve Their Game

Serial entrepreneur Blake Eastman is the founder and head instructor of School of Cards, New York City’s first brick-and-mortar poker school. After seeing the movie Rounders, Eastman caught the poker bug and “basically ate, breathed, and dreamed poker,” reading every book and forum and playing non-stop. By the time he finished grad school, he was playing poker full-time and making great money.

One time, a fellow player approached Eastman and asked him to help him improve his game. Though he was reluctant at first, Eastman eventually agreed to assist the other player and was amazed at his progress after two six-hour sessions. Eastman also found that he enjoyed the coaching process himself. In 2007, he opened School of Cards to help people learn poker and improve their game as well as share his love of poker.

In addition to running School of Cards, Eastman teaches psychology at the City University of New York, invests in several Internet startups, and offers body language classes and services through The Nonverbal Group, which he also founded.


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