Carpentry and Construction Entrepreneur Kevin Craffey Brings More Than 35 Years of Experience to His Projects

Seasoned entrepreneur Kevin Craffey, a skilled carpenter and general contractor, founded his first company, K&J Interiors, Inc., in 1988, where he still serves as owner and president. Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the firm has become one of the top carpentry subcontractors in the state, employing as many as 350 union workers. In its first five years, K&J Interiors completed nearly $80 million in contracts, which led Kevin Craffey to his next venture. He created KJ Realty Trust Corporation/Court Street Trust Corporation in 1990. The company has revitalized the Buttner Building, an historic Plymouth structure; and developed numerous residential, retail, and office projects.

In 1995, the entrepreneur founded Craffey & Co. Builders Inc., in Plymouth, where he also acts as owner and president. This general contracting firm, with up to 150 employees, has built primarily big-box stores, mall additions, and other retail stores in more than 45 states. In addition, Craffey’s experience includes six years as owner and president of Mount View Development in Whitefield, New Hampshire. In these capacities, he worked with multiple federal and state agencies to secure financing; managed a four-diamond, four-star historic property in the White Mountains for two years and renovated it; and created, with the Town of Whitefield’s school district, the area’s first hospitality internship program.

Hailing from a Boston family of carpenters, Kevin Craffey studied business administration at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Massachusetts; and earned a Carpentry Journeyman Certificate through The Associated General Contractors of America in Boston. Through the Massachusetts Carpenters Training Center in Allston, he completed a four-year apprenticeship, receiving a Carpentry Journeyman Certificate. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial career, Craffey served as an apprentice at Cape Cod Lathing and Plastering, Inc., in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, working his way up to foreman. He also accepted positions at Quinn Construction in Brockton as superintendent and carpenter steward.


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