Vancouver Mom Marcie Weinstein-Smith Starts Natural Baby Products Company

Marcie Weinstein-Smith is the founder of Lovey’s, a Vancouver company that makes natural, chemical-free baby products. Weinstein-Smith didn’t originally set out to start a business; rather, she was a frustrated mom who was looking for natural products for her new baby. Every baby wipe on the market irritated her son’s skin, so she concocted her own safe and all-natural cleaning spray.

“I was careful to use ingredients that didn’t irritate my baby’s skin but instead offered soothing and calming elements, while still cleaning effectively,” explains Weinstein-Smith. “I prefer to use natural products and I didn’t want to expose my son to all the chemicals in the wipes that I was seeing on the market.” When she used her spray in public, other moms would ask her where they could buy it. “From then on I decided to create innovative, safe products that provide solutions for people who want to avoid chemicals.”

In 2009, Weinstein-Smith started Lovey’s. Two years later, the company introduced Canada’s first natural diaper ointment in a stick format. Lovey’s product line, which is available online and in 140 stores across the country, now includes an anti-chafing stick as well. When developing new products, Weinstein-Smith ensures they are easy to use, portable, and mess-free, as her customers are mostly busy moms.

Getting Lovey’s to where it is today required hard work and perseverance, however. It took more money than Weinstein-Smith had initially thought to build the business, and she didn’t take a salary for a long time. What kept her going? It wasn’t the money. “We all want to be successful, but if it’s just about money it can be an unfulfilling experience,” she says. “Building a business takes a lot of work, so if you aren’t guided by something greater than yourself it can be hard to keep going.”


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