Christy Meek, Strong-Willed Mom Inventor and Entrepreneur

er-stairmaidChristy Meek is the inventor of StairMaid, a vacuum cleaner attachment that easily cleans stairs and other hard-to-reach corners in the house. She created StairMaid out of pure frustration, as there was no available product that was designed to clean stairs or any 90-degree angle effortlessly.

Meek soon found that turning her idea into reality was even more of a challenge, however. In her own words, “The patent process is long, stressful, and expensive.”

Still, she believed in her product and buckled down. After failing to find a suitable angel investor, Meek used her own savings to fund her entire company, including the patents, trademarks, and injection mold. Meek spent months working with her factory and engineer to perfect the injection mold, all while creating the StairMaid logo and website herself.

As a working mom, Meek admits that finding a balance between work and family can be tough. But at the end of the day, she wouldn’t change a thing.


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