Dawn Psaromatis: From Improv Comedienne to Business Owner

Dawn Psaromatis didn’t intentionally set out to start her own business. The marketer from Texas always saw herself as a freelancer rather than an entrepreneur, as she didn’t want to deal with office politics and all the other responsibilities of running one’s own marketing agency. However, her actions never matched her words. She kept accepting more work than she could handle and eventually had to hire out a team so she could keep moving forward. Today, Psaromatis is the business owner she didn’t imagine she’d become, leading Austin-based marketing and public relations firm, Wellington Group. According to her, operating a business can sometimes be a struggle, but all in all, is “absolutely wonderful.”

One of Wellington Group’s core values and keys to success is teamwork. Psaromatis sees to it that she and her employees work in a very collaborative environment, knowing that they can only be the most effective marketers they can be and truly please their clients if they do things together.

“We live and breathe our core values. I even hire and fire by them,” she says. “Being team focused and team driven helps us to ensure that we set each other up for success.”

Psaromatis isn’t all work and no play, though. In fact, she’s often pulling off practical jokes in the office; it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she used to be an improv comedienne at National Comedy Theater. Aside from pranks, she has brought the “yes, and…” attitude from the world of comedy to Wellington Group.

“You have to go with the idea that has been given to you and expand on it in order to come together as a team to make something truly great,” she explains. “With a ‘yes, and…’ attitude at the workplace, my team is consistently going above and beyond for our clients – not just giving back what was asked of them, but expanding on those ideas to bring about the best possible results.”


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