Kelley Legler, Creator of Baby Jack Blankets

er-babyjackBaby Jack Blankets are baby blankets that encourage sensory play. Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by local moms and artists, they are the brainchild of working mother of two Kelley Legler. Legler was let go from her job at a marketing company after having her first child, Jack. She noticed that her son loved playing with the tags/ribbons on his toys, especially the one on his baby blanket. She didn’t like seeing his fingers get caught in the loops, though. This led her to create a blanket with ribbons sewn shut along the edges. One blanket led to another, and Legler’s hobby became a business.

Babies love textures and each Baby Jack Blanket provides plenty of textures to entertain and comfort little ones. The vibrant blankets are made from silky satin fabrics, cozy fleeces, and plush minky textured dots, with colorful ribbons sticking out of the sides. Each blanket also has a link loop with a toy link to attach to a toy, stroller, or car seat.

Sold online and in retail stores, Baby Jack Blankets have been featured in blogs and publications such as Us Weekly, Celebrity Baby Scoop, and Baby Zone. Legler and her team have made blankets for Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Tori Spelling, Jimmy Fallon, Lisa Ling, Nick Lachey, and other celebrity parents.

“To me, it’s more than just making a blanket, it’s creating comfort for little ones,” says Legler. Aside from sewing blankets, she maintains the company’s website herself, answers emails and calls, and engages her Facebook community.

She attributes her success to being open-minded and unafraid of failure. “I run instantly with my ideas… I solicit feedback from friends, family, and my Facebook community and I go all in with every idea that comes to me.”

Right now, Legler is looking to expand her business and hire more employees.


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