Madolyn Johnson, Founder of Signature HomeStyles

One of the first winners in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, Madolyn Johnson is the founder and CEO of Signature HomeStyles, a home organizing and decorating company she started more than 40 years ago. Previously called The HomeMaker’s Idea Company, Signature HomeStyles offers an exclusive line of organizing and decorating products including wall decor, linen, baskets, pottery, and holiday ornaments. The line is available through thousands of sales representatives across the US and Canada.

Johnson, who never took a business course in college, founded the company in 1971 when the nation was in a recession. She wanted to be able to earn money while taking care of her young daughter. Today, Signature HomeStyles is a multimillion dollar business and Johnson is often recognized as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the US.

“You’re going to hit a few bumpy patches, but if you follow your mission and passion, make smart business decisions, and persevere, you can weather any storm,” she says.


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