Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco, the Friends Who Started Southtree


Friends and former classmates Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco are the founders of Southtree, a company that preserves aging tapes, film, photos, and audio into digital keepsakes. Their business partnership was formed in college, when they needed some extra money to buy a first generation iPhone. The idea for Southtree was born out of the conviction that people don’t remember days but moments. Together, Boeselager and Macco grew Southtree from a small garage startup to a staff of 40.

Now one of the largest consumer preservation companies in the US, Southtree preserves the past with the care and attention to detail that irreplaceable moments deserve. With over one million DVDs created, the company has served thousands of customers from all 50 states, including US Institute of Peace, The Bremen Museum, Disney, California Water Service Co., and Covenant College. Every home movie, photo, audio, and moment that Southtree receives is handled with utmost care and preserved by hand at the company’s 7,000-square-foot studio in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Unlike other preservation operations, Southtree never outsources its digitization services. In 2006, Southtree launched an exclusive order tracking system that monitors every order and every item and automatically updates the customer at each step.

Motivated by people, sustainability, and community, Southtree is an active participant in its city’s downtown renewal and gives back globally through its partnership with Build a City, which constructs houses for displaced Cambodian refugees in the village of Andong. Every month, Southtree donates 10 percent of its profits to the campaign.

Both born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Macco and Boeselager have been named one of Chattanooga’s “30 Under 30” by CityScope Magazine. Macco is the “results-oriented” founder while Boeselager is the “creative” one. The pair also co-founded the online publication Three Thoughts On and run another stealth startup.


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