Tory Johnson: Helping Women Get Hired and Earn Money

Entrepreneur and bestselling author Tory Johnson is the founder and chief executive officer of Women For Hire, a company that provides a comprehensive array of recruitment services for women. Founded in 1999 as the first and only company of its kind, Women For Hire offers career expos, speeches and seminars, customized marketing programs, a career-focused magazine, an online job board, and a website containing useful information and videos for working women. Women For Hire’s core business is producing America’s only high-quality career expos, connecting recruiters from Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with talented women in various disciplines.

Johnson dropped out of Emerson College to work at ABC News and then joined NBC News but was fired a couple of years later. This experience led her to go from employee to entrepreneur and start Women For Hire in a small corner of her New York City apartment. Johnson spent days and nights researching and cold-calling employers to take part in her career expo, while looking after her twin babies. In October of 1999, the first Women For Hire event was held in New York with 50 employers and 1,000 women. This was followed by another event in early 2000. The same year, Women For Hire moved out of Johnson’s home and into an actual office space on West 72nd Street. After a few months, the company began its national expansion, holding events in Boston and Chicago.

Since then, Women For Hire has launched an exclusive online service, a popular magazine, a non-profit organization, and online career fairs. Johnson has written six books, the latest title being Spark & Hustle: Launch and Grow Your Small Business Now. The official workplace contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America, she has been called the “raise fairy godmother” by Glamour magazine for her ability to help women ask for and receive salary increases.


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