Philip and Nellie Akalp:A Passion for Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

In 1997, husband and wife team Philip and Nellie Akalp pioneered the business filings industry in America when they started their first incorporation service, The business, which they launched out of their two-bedroom apartment while attending law school, quickly became a success – a testament to the great demand for honest, affordable, and time-saving incorporation services. In 2005, the Akalps sold to Intuit. Having “retired” before the age of 30, they tried not working but hated it. As entrepreneurs, owning and running a business was the only way they could achieve the “mind, body, and soul” balance that was crucial to their happiness. So as soon as their non-compete agreement ran out, the Akalps founded helps entrepreneurs start a business, form an LLC, set up sole proprietorships, or incorporate. The company offers a range of time and money-saving business filing services, as well as sends alerts about upcoming business filing due dates. With just a few clicks, entrepreneurs can change their company name, qualify an out-of-state corporation or LLC to do business in their state, file an initial or annual report, and more.

Nellie serves as CEO of, while Philip is director of web marketing. In addition to overseeing the daily operations of, Nellie enjoys discussing and writing about legal and small business issues. She blogs for AMEX Open, Mashable, Small Business Trends, and, among others.

“My husband and I, just like many famous startup founders, began our company in our garage,” says Nellie. “While it might have been a struggle to pay bills the first year, we did, and then some. Never let your own fears limit your thinking about entrepreneurship.”

Through the various business filing services they have founded since the ’90s, the Akalps have formed more than 100,000 LLCs and corporations for small business owners in every state in the country.


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