Tracy DiNunzio: Giving Women Access to Great, Affordable Fashion

Tracy DiNunzio is the founder and chief executive officer of Tradesy, an online marketplace for buying and selling new and gently used fashion. Tradesy lets users earn more than online classifieds, consignment, and other marketplaces. The company makes buying and selling safe and easy by handling everything from payment to shipping to returns. In addition, buyers are protected from fake merchandise and fraud.

Tradesy was born out of DiNunzio’s passion for making fashion affordable and accessible to all women. When she was starting her career, DiNunzio couldn’t afford the fashion she wanted. She noticed that many women shared her problem, especially as they went from one life phase to the next.

“I think as women, we tend to feel more confident and generate success for ourselves when we like how we look,” says DiNunzio. But constantly updating one’s wardrobe can be expensive, so she built Tradesy to give every woman access to great style. DiNunzio is driven by her vision of a world where women can always sell what they’re no longer wearing to finance new purchases.

To turn Tradesy from idea to reality, DiNunzio did social media and SEO jobs for other startups when the company was just starting. She even rented out her bedroom on Airbnb and slept on her couch, stopped exercising, and put her social life on hold for a while. “It’s not easy, but the bottom line is that anything worth having is worth sacrificing for,” she says.

Another piece of advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs is to start now. “Waiting around for the ‘right time’ or the ‘right idea’ is just keeping you stuck and creating a downward spiral that can be hard to climb out of.”

An expert in sustainable fashion and technology, DiNunzio is also the founder and CEO of Recycled Bride, the largest wedding resale marketplace on the web.


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