Lara Morgan: Renowned Businesswoman Helps Other Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Recently named one of the 10 most powerful businesswomen in the UK, Lara Morgan developed her entrepreneurial skills at an early age. Morgan finished school at 18 years old and expected to attend university. But when her father was declared bankrupt, she joined the workforce instead. She taught herself the art of sales, and by age 21 she was managing a Yellow Pages sales team in six countries in the Gulf.

At age 23, Morgan started her first business, Pacific Direct, a manufacturer and marketer of brand licensed toiletries and amenities serving the hotel industry. After running the company for 17 years, she sold her majority share in 2008 for £20 million.

Morgan subsequently founded Company Shortcuts to share with other entrepreneurs the experience and knowledge she gained while growing Pacific Direct into a highly successful global organization. Company Shortcuts helps business owners fast-track their growth and performance through impressive shortcuts and strategies. Morgan and her team have developed groundbreaking products and services that accelerate business growth yet are underpinned by easy-to-apply frameworks. There is a product or service for everyone, from the busiest entrepreneurs to those looking for an intensive structured program. Company Shortcuts’ offerings include Business Accelerator conferences, Sales Secrets Sales Academy, Aim High Business Network, and KUTA, which delivers daily action points via text.

According to Morgan, staying ahead of the competition is “incredibly tough, but also wholly energizing and interesting.” She believes it is something all business owners should dedicate time, process, and systems to in order to always stay ahead and achieve success. She also recommends studying one’s market, being the expert, and never being complacent.

Morgan is passionate about leadership, self and employee motivation, and business growth, regularly talking about these topics. She is also the author of the Amazon bestseller More Balls Than Most.


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