Noelani Musicaro, Daughter of Fortune

Social entrepreneur, artist, and author Noelani Musicaro is the founder and CEO of Figlie di Fortuna, a company that creates good products that help feed hungry Americans. Figlie di Fortuna, which means “daughters of fortune,” offers fair trade crafts, organic dried edible flowers, crystal jewelry, and organic T-shirts and tote bags. Figlie di Fortuna donates a portion of proceeds from every sale to its partner organizations, Blessings in a Backpack and Feeding America, to feed someone hungry. Each product sold has an impact and changes lives.

The mission of Figlie di Fortuna is “to nourish the hungry soul, spread radical kindness, and uplift humanity by empowering dignity for all.” Musicaro has had the idea for Figlie di Fortuna for some time before she went for it. Then came the right time to get it out into the world, and her creative process began. “Ideas flow, and suddenly I am on a mission,” she says. “I didn’t choose it, it chose me.”


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