Joanna Griffiths Gives Women’s Underwear an Upgrade

Joanna Griffiths is the founder and CEO of Knix Wear, a high-tech women’s underwear brand designed by women, for women. Based in Toronto, Canada, Knix Wear was founded in August 2012 and launched to the public in May of the following year with the help of a successful Indiegogo campaign. Knix Wear combines fashion, function, and fit – each pair features the brand’s Fresh Fix Technology, a thin yet super absorbent gusset that naturally eliminates odor and wicks away moisture for a fresh and dry feeling all day long.

Griffiths came up with the idea for Knix Wear four years ago after learning that about one in three women experience the occasional light leak. She began speaking with hundreds of women and realized everyone could use an underwear upgrade. While completing her MBA at INSEAD, Griffiths worked on her idea and went on to win the business venture competition and $20,000 to start Knix Wear.

Since then, Knix Wear has attracted women of all ages and backgrounds, including new moms, busy professionals, baby boomers, and fitness enthusiasts. “It’s interesting as we really are seeing a wide variety of women buy our knickers,” says Griffiths. “Our customer base has turned out to be much wider than I had initially expected.” She adds that her diverse team, composed of women from different decades and life stages, has enabled the company to cater to such a broad demographic.

Knix Wear is currently available for purchase online, in Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada, and in select lingerie boutiques in North America. The young brand has been featured in Fast Company, The Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, Reuters, and Forbes, among others.

Griffiths credits her business’ success to three factors – listening to customers, making customers feel special, and starting a conversation about things that aren’t normally discussed in a confident yet feminine way.


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