The Center for Counseling & Health Resources: An Edmonds, Washington, Integrative Treatment Facility

The Center for Counseling & Health Resources, Inc., is led by Dr. Gregg Jantz, a certified counselor with more than three decades of professional experience in helping people overcome issues of depression, addiction, anxiety, and harmful eating habits. The entrepreneurial vision behind the facility comes from Dr. Jantz’ realization in the mid-1980s that a well integrated program for people living with issues such as bulimia and anorexia did not exist. He established an Edmonds facility that occupies a scenic coastal Washington location and is easily accessible to the amenities of urban Seattle and the natural beauty of the Olympic peninsula.

Today, the Center for Counseling & Health Resources maintains a diverse “hope and healing” focused staff that includes family and marriage therapists, and specialists certified in chemical dependency and eating disorders. In addition, clients benefit from the assistant of dieticians, massage therapists, and fitness trainers throughout intensive 4 to 12 week programs. Reflecting the significant mental obstacles to be overcome by many clients, psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists are at hand to guide highly personalized individual and group sessions. In providing tools for lasting personal recovery, Dr. Jantz and his team emphasize the idea that each individual is responsible for the overall success of his or her healing journey.

A core foundation of the Center’s vision involves keeping its program as affordable as possible ensuring community accessibility. In discussing financing options with potential clients, program coordinators seek to tailor offered services in ways that meet specific needs and fall within budget parameters. Payment plans are structured through Clark Finance, with applications processed efficiently and credit decisions on an expedited basis.


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