Kim Richards: The Nurse Leader Taking Care of Nurses

Nurse, fitness/yoga instructor, and health coach Kim Richards is the founder of Self-Care Academy, a comprehensive program dedicated to helping caregivers take better care of themselves. She is also the president of Kim Richards & Associates, a nurse leadership recruitment firm that has been helping hospitals fill vacant perioperative management positions for more than two decades. As an executive recruiter, Richards noticed the “revolving door” of nurses in acute care facilities. She interviewed hundreds of nurses and found that they were displaying symptoms of compassion fatigue, a physical and emotional exhaustion that causes a person to feel less compassion for others, a result of years of pent-up emotions. Richards thus started Self-Care Academy, combining her passion for nursing, coaching, and fitness with her extensive knowledge of self-care.

Self-Care Academy provides caregivers with practical tools to navigate the intense and ever-changing health care environment. Through coaching sessions and workshops, they learn to reduce stress and create healthy self-nurturing and self-compassionate behaviors that promote individual resiliency, enhance teamwork, and ultimately improve patient care. The Self-Care Academy program has been proven to be effective and can be tailored to fit the different needs, budget, and goals of caregivers and employers.

One of only 36 board certified nurse coaches in the US, Richards is a keynote speaker for hospitals, national conferences, and nursing organizations, as well as an invited adjunct faculty member of the International Nurse Coach Association. She is an active member of the Global Nursing Exchange, Association of Nurse Executives, American Holistic Nurses Association, National Association of Women Business Owners, and American Council on Exercise. Richards also co-authored The Practice of Self-Care to Prevent Burnout and Create the Optimal Healing Environment, 101 Global Leadership Lessons for Nurses: Shared Legacies from Leaders and Their Mentors, and Stringing Pearls: A Collection of Gems From Nursing Leaders.


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