Aurelio Barreto III’s Entrepreneurial Success Is Not of This World

Aurelio Barreto III is the founder and CEO of Not of This World (NOTW), a Christian lifestyle brand that lets people share their faith in a creative way. The company’s offerings include edgy Christian apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts for men, women, teens, and kids. NOTW’s God-centered products are sold online on; in its retail store in Riverside, California; and in retail locations across the country and around the world. A ministry first and a business second, Not of This World donates a portion of the purchase amount from each sale to one of three ministries selected by the customer: Mercy Ships, Campus Crusade for Christ, and C28 Outreach Ministry. The company also accepts prayer requests via email and its online prayer community.

At age 37, Barreto had retired after selling Dogloo Inc., a $62 million company he had co-founded and headed for 10 years. Despite having an abundance of material things, he felt empty inside. He realized firsthand that all the money, power, and success of this world could not buy him the inner peace and happiness he sought. He even thought about committing suicide at different points in his life. When a friend shared the gospel with him, Barreto repented his sins and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His life began to change and he was subsequently baptized. He began praying about serving God and initially thought he would be a pastor or a missionary. After realizing his gifts and talents were in business, Barreto opened the first C28 store (now renamed NOTW) in Riverside, which started it all.

Barreto aims to expose people to God’s Word through Not of This World products. According to him, “Shirts are read an average of 300 times by people who otherwise would never step into a store with a Christian theme.”


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