Lexi Soukoreff, Creative Entrepreneur and Founder of Daub + Design

Lexi Soukoreff is the creative mind behind Daub + Design, a Vancouver-based textile design studio specializing in handmade and hand-dyed fashions. Soukoreff founded Daub + Design in 2010 to explore color, pattern, functionality, and different surface design techniques. With her background in fashion and knowledge of traditional textile practices, Daub + Design’s style has developed to include environmentally responsible design solutions and a signature aesthetic. Serving up clothes and accessories that are both laid-back and luxurious, the studio caters to women who are sophisticated, carefree, unique, and feminine. Each piece is handcrafted so no two are exactly alike.

Daub + Design is based in the shopping and design district of Gastown, with its line being carried by retailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Florida. The company has been featured in Flare, Daily Candy, Self, Women’s Health, Redbook, Elle Canada, and many other media outlets. Recently, Soukoreff was selected as one of VNB’s “Vancouver Creatives.”


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