Homespun Vintage: Nostalgic Wear for Kids

er-homespunCorrie Hill Sullivan and Kathlene Kiernan Linehan are the secondhand-loving, inspiration-seeking moms behind Homespun Vintage, a children’s clothing company that pays tribute to yesteryear. Based in Los Angeles, California, Homespun Vintage consists of two lines – a reworked vintage kids’ clothing collection and a retro inspired collection created to complement the former.

Sullivan brings to Homespun Vintage a unique outlook on designing fresh and handcrafted products for kids thanks to her textile and embroidery design background. Focusing on beautiful fabrics with eye-catching textures and prints, she enjoys combining vintage textiles with modern elements. Meanwhile, Linehan studied graphic design and worked at several design firms and agencies before taking up fashion at Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. She subsequently worked at a few fashion houses and served as the new media creative director at Warner Bros Records for five years.

Homespun Vintage clothes are simple and comfortable yet one of a kind. Homespun Vintage has been featured in Forbes, Daily Candy, Luxe Mom, Cool Mom Picks, and Bambino Goodies, among others.


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