Katie Saxton: Nailing It in the Beauty Industry

Katie Saxton is the president of Custom Nail Solutions, the world’s only custom fit artificial nail system. Women who are not genetically blessed with long, beautiful nails normally grind, file, and expose themselves to toxic chemicals every couple of weeks to get their dream digits. Or, they put on fake nails that look… fake. Custom Nail Solutions is a revolutionary, patented system built on the fact that each individual’s nail beds are as unique to them as their fingerprints. So when you order a set of nails from the company, they will only fit you. They are also guaranteed to never chip, crack, break, stain, or change shape.

You can personalize your nails even more by applying nail polish, nail art, or nail wraps. When you’re ready for a different look, you can clean your custom nails with nail polish remover and reuse them. Born from the dental industry, Custom Nail Solutions offers two nail styles (French tip or solid pink), three shapes (oval, square, squoval), and five lengths, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional artificial nails. In addition, the company keeps a record of your nail impressions, making it easy to reorder.

Saxton, who had a successful residential real estate career before joining the beauty industry, studied the beauty and nail market and saw an opportunity to improve it. She started Custom Nail Solutions to offer a product that has never been offered before – something healthier, more valuable, more durable, and more convenient. She then used social media and word of mouth to grow her business. Saxton and Custom Nail Solutions have been featured in Society Life, Elle, Nailpro, Dallas Beauty Book, USA Today, The Today Show, and many more.

Aside from running Custom Nail Solutions, Saxton is a blogger and regular contributor to various media outlets on the topics of nail care, nail beauty, and nail trends.


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