Ele Keats Jewelry: Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Beauty

er-ekj1 Actress, designer, and entrepreneur Ele Keats first discovered the wonderful world of gemstones when she was 17, during a trip to India with her mother and sister. Years later, a mentor suggested she wear an emerald necklace for its healing and protective qualities. When she couldn’t find the perfect piece of jewelry, Keats designed one for herself. Friends and strangers began asking where they could find her necklaces, and this prompted her to start her own jewelry line.

Based in Brentwood, California, Ele Keats Jewelry aims to bring connection and beauty to the world with its eco-friendly pieces. Keats, who personally selects each gemstone, specializes in inspirational and birthstone designs. One of her collections, called “This Too Will Pass,” was inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth and serves as an elegant reminder that the only permanent thing in life is change. Keats has also teamed up with Avilan Diamonds to create the first ever 100 percent recycled and ethically sourced engagement ring collection. The only third-party certified, responsibly sourced diamonds on the planet, Avilan’s Storied Diamonds are upcycled from the existing world inventory. The engagement collection uses 100 percent recycled gold as well.er-ekj2

Keats makes it a point to work with dealers that are ethically minded and kindhearted. A lot of intention also goes into every detail of her Brentwood store, which she likens to “a little jewel box.” Every day, Keats and her team bring their love and positivity to the space and play healing and forgiveness prayers continually. This helps create a magical environment that allows people to feel good as soon as they enter the store.

As a designer, Keats keeps her pieces clean and uncluttered to allow the gemstones’ natural beauty to shine through. She often gets her ideas during meditation or yoga class. Ele Keats Jewelry has been worn by Eckhart Tolle, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Hudson, Elizabeth Berkley, Cameron Diaz, and more.


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