Tal Leming, the Entrepreneur Who Draws Letters for a Living

Tal Leming is the creative mind behind Type Supply, a type and lettering company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Leming has been fascinated with the shapes of letters since he was a graphic design student at the Louisiana State University School of Art. After graduation, he worked as a graphic designer focusing on point of sale and corporate identity. He kept drawing letters all the while and eventually landed a job at House Industries, where he designed printed ephemera. Several years later, he launched Type Supply.

Leming now primarily creates typefaces for himself and others and sometimes designs lettering for publications and brands. He was responsible for revamping the logos of The Hollywood Reporter, Money Magazine, and Good Housekeeping. Other clients include Adidas, Entertainment Weekly, Redbook, GQ, Paramount Pictures, Stanford Magazine, Tiffany & Co., and more.

Over the years, Leming has been deeply involved in type technology. He is co-author of the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Unified Font Object (UFO) specifications. Moreover, he has developed many type design tools and written OpenType feature code for House Industries, Typotheque, and Commercial Type.


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