Andrew Thomas Wants to Make the Smartest Doorbell in the World

Andrew Thomas is the co-founder of SkyBell, a smart, WiFi-enabled doorbell that lets you see, hear, and speak to the person at your door using your smartphone. This means you can always stay connected to your home even when you’re at work or on a vacation, so long as you have an Internet connection on your Android or iOS device.

er-skybellDesigned and manufactured in California, SkyBell is more than just a doorbell with a video camera. Exclusive features include a motion sensor, allowing you to see who’s there even if the doorbell isn’t pressed, and on-demand access, which lets you view live video feed at any time (coming soon). In addition, SkyBell’s movable camera is equipped with night vision, enabling you to see visitors at night without them noticing. The rugged device, which connects to your existing doorbell’s power wires, can operate in extreme temperatures between -40 to 150 degrees F. It also works with multiple users and smartphones, so everyone in the family can keep an eye on the door.

The idea for SkyBell began when co-founder Desiree Mejia wanted to stay connected to her home while she worked or traveled. She and Thomas got to work on creating a beautiful device that would stream video to one’s smartphone, and SkyBell was born. The product raised more than half a million dollars on Indiegogo last year and was an honoree at the 2014 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. Thomas considers the latter accomplishment his proudest moment, as it placed SkyBell in the company of Nest, creator of the learning thermostat.

“Our goal is to create the world’s smartest video doorbell and we take great pride in innovating the technology to make that possible,” says Thomas. “It was a very proud moment to be recognized for our dedication to building an elegant, smart device of the highest quality.”


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