Dave Carswell, Showing Melbourne to the World One Step at a Time

Dave Carswell founded walking tour company Melbourne By Foot because he was fed up with telling people how great his city is – he wanted to show them. So he set out to create a relaxed and friendly tour experience that would allow both tourists and locals to get to know Melbourne and appreciate its unique beauty, as if they were being shown around by a friend. Since late 2009, Carswell and his team have been leading tours that not only highlight the sights of the city, but also give guests an insight into daily life and things to do in Melbourne. The guides of Melbourne By Foot pride themselves on their expert knowledge of the city and their ability to make visitors feel like locals.

When Carswell launched Melbourne By Foot, he expected his customers to be exclusively first-time international visitors. To his surprise, there are also a number of local and regular guests who join the tours to learn more about Melbourne, a vibrant metropolis with a rich culture and one that is constantly evolving. Carswell and his guides regularly hear their guests say things like, “I now feel a real connection with the city,” and, “I’ve walked past here many times before and never seen this.”

er-melbournebyfootMelbourne By Foot’s oldest offering is the Cultural Walk, which has been described as a “comprehensive highlight of Melbourne.” This is the tour that first-time visitors do, the tour that locals take their friends and family on to impress them, and the tour that Melburnians do on their days off. The fun and informative Cultural Walk features the best parts of the city, including Melbourne’s Aboriginal and colonial history, modern laneways and arcades, architectural diversity, immigration history, and vibrant street art, music, and cafe culture.

The company also offers the Beer Lovers Guide to Melbourne, the Beer Lovers Guide to Fitzroy, and private and group tours.


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