Anna Patty, Founder of Mamoo Children’s Bags

er-mamooAs a child, Anna Patty spent her summers in Japan with her mom visiting friends and family. Each day before they set out, Patty’s mother would give her a little bag and tell her to fill it with a few of her favorite toys to keep her entertained while mom talked with the other grown-ups. Patty’s mother would also remind her to take care of the bag and its contents. She did just that, packing her bag with her favorite playthings before they headed out to explore Tokyo by train, bus, and foot. Patty remembers holding her bag tightly as they made their way around town and cherished having some of her books and dolls with her. She would play on her own while her mom chatted with friends and family for hours.

It was during those summers that Patty first gained self-confidence by doing small things on her own. By trusting Patty to decide for herself what to put in her bag, Patty’s mom gave her her first feelings of confidence, independence, and responsibility. So when Patty started her own family in San Francisco, she decided to pass on that gift to her boys. She, too, gave her kids a special everyday bag they could use to hold their most beloved toys as they adventure through life.

In 2012, Patty started Mamoo to give more kids an opportunity to experience a world full of wonder and possibility. Mamoo creates awe-inspiring, natural cotton bags for adventurous children on the go. Handmade in San Francisco, each bag is designed to inspire children’s imaginations, carry their most important stuff, and accompany them on their journey. For every Mamoo bag purchased, 5 percent of the net proceeds goes to Reading Partners, a non-profit connecting volunteers with struggling readers to help them build strong literacy skills.


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