Greg Lambrecht Brings Wine and Technology Together in the Coravin System

When Greg Lambrecht’s wife became pregnant, she stopped drinking. Lambrecht still wanted to enjoy great wine but didn’t want to commit to whole bottles, so he tried preservation systems. He found that these systems weren’t effective, however, as each time the cork was removed, oxidation began and he was stuck with that bottle.

Lambrecht dreamed about magically pouring wine from bottles without having to pull the cork. This way, he could return the wine in his cellar and enjoy it again whenever he wanted. So for the next decade, the medical device inventor and executive developed and tested a system that would let him do just that. The result is the Coravin 1000 System, which allows wine aficionados to access and enjoy fine wines by the glass without ever pulling the cork.

In addition to serving on the board of Coravin, Lambrecht is the founder and executive director of Intrinsic Therapeutics and the founder and a board member of Viacor.


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