Lanre Idewu, Personal Trainer of the Stars

er-lanre-idewuDubbed the “Dr. Phil of Fitness,” Lanre Idewu is a celebrity trainer and the founder of Fit4LA. A certified trainer and fitness model for the P90X system, he has over two decades of experience in exercise, nutrition, and personal development.

Idewu graduated from the University of Iowa, where he earned a degree in biochemistry and completed additional coursework in exercise science, kinesiology, physiology, and nutrition. He subsequently attended medical school at the University of Chicago but became increasingly dissatisfied with medicine and its focus on treating symptoms. Idewu found himself being drawn to the more personalized and preventative approach of personal training, and he cut his teeth at small private gyms and large fitness centers.

In 2002, Idewu started Fit4LA, which has become known for its multidisciplinary approach to wellness and celebrity clients such as Carnie Wilson, Sharif Atkins, Rhonda Britten, and professional athletes from the NBA and NFL. In 2011, Idewu co-founded Destination Fit4LA, a full-service, full-submersion luxury fitness retreat located in Hollywood Hills. He takes pride in personally tailoring each client’s fitness program according to their goals, experience, and ability level. Likewise, he creates individualized diet plans based on the client’s objectives, eating habits, and food preferences.

Idewu believes that fitness is for everyone, not just those who can afford personal trainers. Hence, he is always creating free or low-cost solutions to make fitness more accessible to the public. In addition, Idewu volunteers his time to inner-city schools to educate the youth about diet and exercise, and is actively involved with various non-profits such as ReelDreams for Kids, Step-Up Women’s Network, and Determined to Succeed.

Idewu has appeared on numerous television programs including Oprah, The Biggest Loser, Starting Over, Entertainment Tonight, 20/20, and 101 Incredible Celebrity Slimdowns. He has been featured in publications such as People Magazine as well.


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