Steve Kamb: Video Game Nerd Runs Popular Fitness Site for Normal Folks

Steve Kamb is the founder of Nerd Fitness, a fitness website dedicated to helping normal people lose weight, get stronger, and live better. Kamb’s goal is to inspire nerds, desk jockeys, and average Joes to make positive changes and level up their life every single day. He has helped normal men and women of all ages, often with families, children, and full-time desk jobs, get in shape while still doing what they love.

A longtime fitness buff, Kamb began exercising in high school but didn’t really know what he was doing. It wasn’t until he graduated from college and learned how to train properly that he started to get results. He figured if it took him years of mistakes to succeed, there had to be several others who are also struggling. There had to be others who are also intimidated by gyms, clueless in the kitchen, and overwhelmed by too much conflicting information.

Kamb wanted to help, so he combined his love of video games and fitness to start Nerd Fitness in the fall of 2009. While he holds a basic personal training certification from the American Aerobic Association International, Kamb runs Nerd Fitness not as a fitness expert, but as a normal guy who loves to play video games, sits at a computer all day long, enjoys staying active, and pushes himself to be in the best shape he can be. Nerd Fitness teaches people how to work out the right way, cook and eat properly, improve their health and well-being, and consistently level up in the game of life.

Kamb believes small changes can eventually add up to big results. He writes, “If I do my job right, you’ll wake up every day a little healthier than you were yesterday – eat a little better, get a little stronger, run a little faster, and feel a little better about yourself.”


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